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Leaders in Education Advancement and Digital Literacy

USINDO LEAD was an immersive 8-session program (2 self-accessed and 6 live) designed exclusively for Indonesian university lecturers to empower these educators to become leaders in education advancement and digital literacy by adopting Problem-Based Learning and encouraging the development of their students’ Critical Thinking and Digital Literacy skills.

Through a dynamic blend of live and self-accessed 90-minute sessions, participants acquired the skills and strategies needed to excel in today's evolving educational landscape.


  • Critical Thinking & Digital Literacy: enhance educators' critical thinking skills and help gain advanced digital literacy competencies, essential for effective teaching in the digital age.

  • Innovative Pedagogy: help discover interactive and collaborative tools to revolutionize the teaching methods, making learning engaging and impactful.

  • Problem-Based Learning (PBL): allow educators to stand out from the crowd by exploring PBL, a teaching method that equips students with real-world problem-solving abilities, setting them up for success in their future careers.

  • Hands-On Learning: provide experience of direct teaching methods used in leading U.S. universities, bringing real- world education practices to the classrooms.

  • Inspiration: help ignite or re-ignite passion for innovative education, inspiring students and shaping the future of learning.

Live sessions

Live sessions emulated interactive PBL-type classes in which participants collaborated on various tasks.

Self-accessed sessions

Self-accessed sessions included assignments to read, listen, view, and engage in various interactive and collaborative tasks.

Implementation of PBL in own classes

After a 2-month break between sessions 1-6 and sessions 7-8 for planning and incorporating their alterations, participants showcased how they implemented elements of PBL into their own lessons and student tasks.

Reflections on our learning

Participants had an opportunity to reflect on their learning after every task. They were encouraged to share ideas and incorporate new knowledge into their teaching practice. Reflections on the course were very positive indeed.
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