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Intercultural Education

Paving the Path to Success


To ensure global, national, and personal success of citizens, education systems should provide students of all ages with systematic practice opportunities of 21st century competencies: creative and collaborative problem solving, critical thinking, and adaptability to fast-paced changes. With over 2 billion English speakers worldwide, as technology and access to internet permeate remote corners of the world, learning English for communication and understanding others is also crucial for connecting societies across barriers and cultures. To coexist and thrive.


Intercultural Education Consulting Group aims to empower students with intercultural understanding essential for life in the globalized society and workplace. IEC Group members share a passion for contemporary education based on skills and competencies that equip students with a lifelong learning mindset. 

Intercultural Education Consulting Group provides educational institutions or individual teachers/coaches/instructors with strategies for implementation of  Intercultural Education (IE) and Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC) in English. IE and ICC, in combination with development of 21st century competencies, empower students with the ability to understand cultures, including their own, and use this understanding to successfully communicate with people from other cultures.


Intercultural Education Consulting Group brings to educational institutions or individual teachers/coaches/instructors comprehensive PD workshops focused on strategies that include contemporary teaching methodologies., for example inquiry-based, project-based, activity-based learning, blended learning and gamification, and embodied learning (emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially engaged learners).


Intercultural Education Consulting Group equips students with strategies for lifelong learning and development of of 21st century competencies, career and college placement counselling.

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