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Intercultural Education Consulting has taken part in several educational projects over the last few years, notably: 


Major projects undertaken in 2022-2024 were:

  • Connected Learning 

  • USINDO GRASP (for graduate students) and U-GRASP  (for undergraduate students) Critical Thinking and Digital Literacy courses 

  • USINDO LEAD Leaders in Education Advancement and Digital Literacy course

  • M.E.T.A Mastering Education Through Awareness

21st century skills and competences are vital to succeed on the current and future job market. How can students acquire them?

Mastering Education Through Awareness - A Teacher's Guide for Cultivating Metacognition, Critical Thinking and Reflective learning brings to teachers of any grade and subject  over 50 interactive and collaborative lesson scenarios that can be embedded into or adapted to any lesson plans - no curriculum is replaced!  These "how to" scenarios empower teachers with ways to cultivate metacognition, develop critical thinking skills, and introduce reflective learning into their teaching practice.

META book cover 3_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Implementing international and intercultural online student collaboration, focused on 21st century skills involved experienced secondary-level educators from Poland and Iceland, who aimed to expand the educational offer for middle and high schools with original F2F, hybrid, and remote teaching tools based on effective project-based methods.

Providing inspiration for acquisition of 21st century skills, Connected Learning brings high schools up to contemporary challenges, while inclusion of innovative teaching methods increases the quality of education with new technologies.


The USINDO GRASP Mini Intensive Course (separate for undergraduates and graduates) was designed to be highly interactive and digitally-rigorous, simulating U.S. graduate-level classrooms–complete with whole/small group discussions, peer review exercises, multimedia group tasks, periodic self-evaluation, reflections, and writing practice. 

With a refined focus on critical thinking and digital literacy, the intensive 90-minute sessions helped students apply and practice the most important skills for successfully completing a graduate school application. Course participants learned and cultivated strategies to unpack the graduate essay prompt, revise their essay, provide, receive and apply constructive peer feedback, check credibility of online sources, and much more.

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This immersive 8-session program was designed to empower educators to become leaders in education advancement and digital literacy, by adopting Problem-Based Learning and encouraging the development of their students’ Critical Thinking and Digital Literacy skills.

Through a dynamic blend of live and self-accessed 90-minute sessions, participants acquired the skills and strategies needed to excel in today's evolving educational landscape.

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