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My name is Beata. It means „blessed” in Latin, and yes, I have been blessed with an international education both as a student of the United Nations International School and as a teacher for 36 years at Jakarta Intercultural School I created inspirational educational experiences for over 3000 students. I’d like to share this vast knowledge and experience with your children, students, or teachers at your school.



Discover My Expertise

We all want the very best for our children. How can we ensure their bright future in the modern, increasingly globalised, and ever-changing world? Do our schools equip students with 21st century communication and collaboration skills? Instil lifelong learning and leadership skills? Include research and critical thinking skills? Prepare them to encounter and deal with diversity, changes, challenges, and failures?


I have spent over 30 years doing just that for over 3,000 culturally diverse students in my care.


Education Advisory

Expert Assistance

Leveraging over 30 years of International School and International Baccalaureate level experience, I build education frameworks that maximize learning efficiency. These include:

  • Program development for Education Technology startups

  • English language-based learning programs for students aged 13 and older

  • Teacher-training workshops for inquiry learning & growth mindset development

Curriculum Development

Design & Collaboration

Collaborating to design English-language education curricula for grades 6-12 with a focus on growth mindset, service learning and inclusion.


Working together with institutions as well as individual departments to develop the most impactful programs for your students.


Developing and delivering workshops and training programs for educators and various learners.

One to One Learning

Skills & Goals

Continuing my love for teaching and nurturing future leaders, I am available for  sessions with students aged 13 or older both face-to-face or online/Skype.

Develop skills and achieve your goals in:

  • Written Communication

  • Oral Communication

  • English Language Development

Beata's Projects

Intercultural Education Diversity
Connecting schools across countries and continents through intercultural learning is a custom built educational platform connecting IB schools for collaborative learning. Students and their teachers log in to connect with peers and together study thematic units based on new IB English B syllabus. It has served as inspiration for the current Connected Learning project 2022-2024. 

Learn English, Develop Skills & Mindset

Learn English while also learning about important issues and topics relevant to teen life. Develop 21st century skills essential in college or the future workplace BEFORE you get there!

Blog o potrzebnych zmianach w edukacji w Polsce

Ponad sto czterdzieści wpisów na tematy edukacyjne dla nauczycieli, rodziców, edukatorów. Tematy pedagogiczne, pomysły do klas na dziś, scenariusze lekcji. Wiele tłumaczeń ze źródeł z edukacyjnej prasy i blogów w j. angielskim.


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